How to Stop Heel Lift in Snowboard Boots

This is the big question that has been asked many times before. Heel Lift in Snowboard boots is very annoying especially when on Toe Edge and even more so when on a long traverse on Toe Edge! Heel Lift can lead to getting tired much quicker, over compensating and ultimately making a mistake and hurting yourself.

So many times when this happen people will quickly over tighten their boots and / or bindings and then this leads to major foot pain and you might just want to stop for the day, which is the last thing you want to do when you have spent all that money on your Snowboarding Holiday.

SHL™ Stop Heel Lift boot inserts were made to stop heel lift. Just put them on to your liners and feel the extra grip. Make sure to use the Finger Fit Method and in most cases they will stop your heels lifting almost completely. Remember you will always still be able to lift your heels a little if you simply try to pull them up by standing on your tip toes in your boots but when bent forward and riding, you should have a nice locked in feel.

How to fit SHL™