How to put on Snowboard Boots

  1. Socks on and feet in!
  2. Stand up with the boots on and do up any liner laces gently whilst bending your knees a little. Be very carefull not to overtighten even at this stage as even liners can make your feet loose blood flow and feel numb and ‘pins and needles’ can occur.
  3. Next up, do the main boot laces / mechanism. Again flex / bend your knees whilst pulling / tighening and each time you extend (straighten) your leg you should notice that the lace tightens. This is putting your foot more into the heel area each time. Then fasten off when you have done this 2 or 3 times. NOTE: it is easy to overtighten your boots just do them up ‘tight enough’

Modern boots have such good lacing systems it is easy to over tighten them which can lead to reduced blood, flow, pins and needles and extreme foot pain.

Mark, MBC Technical