How to put on Ski Boots

  1. Socks on and feet in!
  2. Stand up with the boots on and do up any liner laces gently whilst bending your knees a little. Be very carefull not to overtighten at this stage as even liners can make your feet loose blood flow and feel numb and ‘pins and needles’ can occur.
  3. Whilst still stood in your boots do up the top 2 buckles a little and again flex / bend your knees and each time you extend (straighten) your leg you should notice that you can do the buckles up a bit more each time. This is putting your foot more into the heel area each time. Once you feel your heels are nice and snug in the heel pocket finish off by simply fastening the front buckles off.

The front 2 buckles (or possibly just one) really do not do much. If the boots are a good fit they should only really need to be fastened off lightly. Overtightening these is often done because you are getting heel lift and it is a way to compensate for this but only ends up clamping down on your feet and sometimes causing huge amounts of foot pain. Have a look at SHL™ to get that heel grip back!

Mark, MBC Technical